Effortless Simplistic Style

Ross DuJour - Effortless Simplistic Style

Having style is more than what you wear and it has to be part of who you are. I captured this moment at an event recently and this man keeps it simple while maintaining attention to detail. He’s stylish and makes it look effortless. Even in condu…

twistedrossEffortless Simplistic Style

Contrasting Prints

Ross DuJour - Contrasting Prints

I captured this man in the moment, wearing a tradtional-style african print and owning it. He was not following the norms and he pulled it off. It shows that you don’t have to stick to the rules, but to break them you must master them. While most …

twistedrossContrasting Prints

Avantgarde Bride

Ross DuJour - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2014 Avantgarde Bride

A look that definitely turned heads was this unique take on a bridal design by Gavin Rajah. Eye-catching but somewhat eerie while also pushing the boundaries of perception of a bride. Looking down the front row, it grabbed the attention of almost e…

twistedrossAvantgarde Bride

Into The Light

Ross DuJour - Into The Light

From afar you may note an elegant woman dressed in black but on closer inspection, this woman is filled with energy and such a unique character. She exudes light and is wearing a black evening gown with leather shoulder pieces. It’s not only t…

twistedrossInto The Light

Distinct Hatter

Ross DuJour - Distinct Hatter

Hats have been seen in both social and more formal situations for centuries and in more recent decades they’ve become known as an accessory of style for the modern man. The secret is wearing the right hat in the right situation. This man makes …

twistedrossDistinct Hatter

Three Piece Style

Ross DuJour - Three Piece Style

The three-piece suit for a long time was associated with business and formal proceedings. Today of course owning one means you have style and you’re not afraid to be a little different as opposed to normal suit. The advantage of one is there a…

twistedrossThree Piece Style


Ross DuJour - Poised

We’re all different and that’s what makes us all amazing. When you meet someone that exudes passion for what they do and lives through passion, there’s something special. This stunning woman is creative, knows how to express …


Visual Artist

Ross DuJour - Visual Artist

This man is a visual artist, not only through what he does but how he dresses and shows off his personal style. He puts his own twist on a somewhat traditional look. A shawl lapel jacket, unique collar pins on his shirt together with a patterned cummer…

twistedrossVisual Artist

Charismatic Flair

Ross DuJour - Charismatic Flair

Amazing how as your body language can reveal so much about you, so can your clothing combined with your character and culture. This man may be wearing all white but his lapel brooch and necklace surely gives a hint at this mans unique character. He&#…

twistedrossCharismatic Flair

Plush Fur Glam

Ross DuJour - Plush Fur Glam

Big fur conjures images of classic Hollywood style with vintage and elegant appeal. It’s synonymous with luxury and when someone wears it correctly, they embody that glamour and luxury. This women is no exception as she really pulls it off …

twistedrossPlush Fur Glam

Retro Style

Ross DuJour - Retro Style

This model was styled with a retro look comprising of leather hat, hooped earrings matched with gold jewelry and a knitted top. On the right person, it presents such attitude and is pulled off perfectly on this model. Really loved this combination …

twistedrossRetro Style

Spanish Design

Ross DuJour - Spanish Design

A fashion designer always has a unique perspective on design and that’s what makes their work special. Stemming from that is when a designer expresses their own style through their brand. This beautiful woman caught my eye across the room a…

twistedrossSpanish Design

Standing Out

Ross DuJour - Standing Out

The best thing you can do is be yourself and in doing so, you’re making an impression and standing out. This gentleman rocked a tuxedo with a red bow tie. While some may not break the all black tie rule, this particular event called for creativi…

twistedrossStanding Out

Winter Statement

Ross DuJour - Winter Statement

If you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s winter and just because it is, there’s no reason to hide your personal style. I spotted this beautiful woman making a statement with a astrakhan hat and sleeveless coat contrasted by …

twistedrossWinter Statement

Checked In

Ross DuJour - Checked In

Checked shirts, like blazers are items of clothing which transcends looks. It can be seen with the very casual to the tailored and dapper. This man has a colourful and unique personality and the checkered combination, with blazer completed with T…

twistedrossChecked In

Design & Style

Ross DuJour - Cruising In Style

Experiencing the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, dressed for a beautiful day out, it was really a case of beauty, engineering, design and style. Mercedes has a statement, the best knows no alternative and when it comes to yourself and your personal st…

twistedrossDesign & Style


Ross DuJour - Versatility

Every man serious about personal style needs to own a Blazer. They’re versatile and can be tailored to suit anyone. It can be dressed up or down and this man is owning a evening casual look but with touches of detail including a stunning checke…


Velvet Redefined

Ross DuJour - Velvet Redefined

There are many ways to wear a velvet blazer. Wearing it the right way though, can result in a sharp look, such as this gentleman. The best part of about a velvet blazer is the versatility and how you define it. Pocket square, check. Tie or bow tie, check…

twistedrossVelvet Redefined

Beaded Blues

Ross DuJour - Beaded

Sometimes even the smallest of details can make a big difference and I love the way the beaded neck piece stands out and constrasts on this woman’s blazer and top. That combined with blonde hair, a lovely smile and a great personality is a real …

twistedrossBeaded Blues


Ross DuJour - Appreciation

It’s always good meeting someone with an appreciation for everything for the finer things in life and enjoying quality. This man kept things simple with a suit and white shirt but adding a nice touch with the pocket square. Refreshing speak…