Thank You

Ross DuJour - Thank You 2014

Thank You To All The Amazing, Stylish & Elegant People I’ve Met & Photographed This Year & To Those Reading This. I’m Now Lucky Enough To Call Some Of You My Friends. Life Is Beautiful Filled With Priceless Experience…

twistedrossThank You

Passion And Poise

Ross DuJour - Passion And Poise

This woman instantly caught my eye. She’s not only beautiful but filled with passion, drive and natural poise. Her sense of style definitely compliments that and the result is that she stands out from any crowd. She really pulls off the rose …

twistedrossPassion And Poise

Evening Elegance

Ross DuJour - Evening Elegance

I’ve spoken before about the little black dress and black outfits for elegant evening events. This woman stood out with her choice. It’s no ordinary black outfit. This stunning ensemble suits who she is and the attention to detail is …

twistedrossEvening Elegance

Summer Coral

Ross DuJour - Summer Coral

This woman made a statement in coral with her lace detailed outfit perfect for summer, with enough elegance for an evening affair and not overdoing it. That combined with her natural beauty and unique sense of style just ensures she really pulls th…

twistedrossSummer Coral

Shades Of Shades

Ross DuJour - Shades Of Shades

This man pulled off a casual look stylishly combining different shades of grey, blue and black adding a contrasting pair of sunglasses, completing his look. It’s can be seen as casual but done smartly. Such a gentleman too with such style an…

twistedrossShades Of Shades

Bold In Blue

Ross DuJour - Bold In Blue

This woman caught my eye one weekend gracefully enjoying a beautiful day out and great company. Blue really suits her and it’s easy to see how her elegance and choice of dress is not only perfect for summer but brings out her natural beauty and …

twistedrossBold In Blue

Burst Of Colour

Ross DuJour - Burst Of Colour

Summer is bringing out the colour and it’s a beautiful thing. This women is bursting with colour and such a beautiful character to match. She knows her style and is not afraid to express it with her own touch of attitude. Love it.…

twistedrossBurst Of Colour

Summer Refinement

Ross DuJour - Summer Refinement

I photographed this woman in the moment. Her refined but summery style is elegant and the she definitely pulled off the peach halterneck well. Sitting gracefully enjoying a beautiful summer day out, sunglasses on. She knows what’s good an…

twistedrossSummer Refinement

Besuited In Style

Ross DuJour - Besuited

This man whether on a casual day out or dressing up, takes any outfit and just adds his own touch to it. Added to that his character comes out and really gives anything he wears a life of its own. The grey suit, scarf and sunglasses really suits him well a…

twistedrossBesuited In Style

Understated Gentleman

Ross DuJour - Understated Gentleman

I’ve known this man a while and his style can be described as understated. It’s never a bad thing and that’s how he makes his statement. Often unassuming, just himself, things perfectly placed, understated. Royal blue blazer…

twistedrossUnderstated Gentleman

Strike A Pose

Ross DuJour - Strike A Pose

This woman is beautiful inside and out and her smile is addictive. I spotted her at a recent event and asked her to strike a pose. She’s not just a model but knows how to wear anything including black. She exudes positivity wherever she goes and …

twistedrossStrike A Pose

Detailed Design

Ross DuJour - Detailed Design

A beautiful detailed dress that really caught my eye. I took the opportunity to take a quick photo. There’s just something about the outfit and the combination on the model. This would do well on for those summer soiree’s when you want …

twistedrossDetailed Design

Spring Smiles In Style

Ross DuJour - Spring Smiles

I captured this image of a friend of mine who has a strong sense of personal style and always pulls it off. Her radiant nature, positivity and drive shines outward and I’m confident plays a role in her sense of style. Stunning jewelry accessor…

twistedrossSpring Smiles In Style

Striking Couture

Ross DuJour - Striking Couture

This really caught my eye during an outdoor fashion show and I had to share. Such a striking well fitted lace dress with sequins and beads that really stands out by design and detail. This on the right individual will really turn heads.…

twistedrossStriking Couture

Three Piece: Style, Attitude, Fit.

Ross DuJour - Three Piece Style Attitude Fit

I’ve spoken about the classic three piece suit before and it got me thinking since. The three-piece suit is not only restricted to earlier James Bond films, it’s all about having that sense of style, the attitude to rock it and identif…

twistedrossThree Piece: Style, Attitude, Fit.

Distinct Form

Ross DuJour - Distinct Form

In passing, this gentleman caught my eye. Such a distinct look and presence in black and white. It definitely stands out with the casual t-shirt underneath the shawl collar white suit, poised and confident finishing the look off with a fedora and s…

twistedrossDistinct Form

Private Expressions

Ross DuJour - Private Expressions

This is one of my most popular images from a recent lingerie fashion show and it’s received positive feedback from both men and women. From what I understand from women, lingerie is an expression of a feeling or mood or allows you to express yo…

twistedrossPrivate Expressions

Stylish And Composed

Ross DuJour - Simplistic Style

I captured this image in black and white as the focus is on this man and his style which is well suited to who he is as a person. Well composed gentleman that knows what he wants with a somewhat classic appeal and his own personal edge that makes it unique…

twistedrossStylish And Composed

Contemporary Style

Ross DuJour - Contemporary Style

This gentleman is a man of style, not just by the way he carries himself but it truly comes from within. It’s always a pleasure discussing the essence of men’s style with him and here he’s kept it simple with a contemporary style b…

twistedrossContemporary Style

Dreaming Black And White

Ross DuJour - Dreaming Black And White

This was captured at a recent fashion show where the designer draws inspiration of the ocean and being submerged with focus on the garment becoming an exoskeleton for the subject, becoming part of who they are but protecting them in a way. A very abs…

twistedrossDreaming Black And White