Striking Couture

Ross DuJour - Striking Couture

This really caught my eye during an outdoor fashion show and I had to share. Such a striking well fitted lace dress with sequins and beads that really stands out by design and detail. This on the right individual will really turn heads.…

twistedrossStriking Couture

Three Piece: Style, Attitude, Fit.

Ross DuJour - Three Piece Style Attitude Fit

I’ve spoken about the classic three piece suit before and it got me thinking since. The three-piece suit is not only restricted to earlier James Bond films, it’s all about having that sense of style, the attitude to rock it and identif…

twistedrossThree Piece: Style, Attitude, Fit.

Distinct Form

Ross DuJour - Distinct Form

In passing, this gentleman caught my eye. Such a distinct look and presence in black and white. It definitely stands out with the casual t-shirt underneath the shawl collar white suit, poised and confident finishing the look off with a fedora and s…

twistedrossDistinct Form

Private Expressions

Ross DuJour - Private Expressions

This is one of my most popular images from a recent lingerie fashion show and it’s received positive feedback from both men and women. From what I understand from women, lingerie is an expression of a feeling or mood or allows you to express yo…

twistedrossPrivate Expressions

Stylish And Composed

Ross DuJour - Simplistic Style

I captured this image in black and white as the focus is on this man and his style which is well suited to who he is as a person. Well composed gentleman that knows what he wants with a somewhat classic appeal and his own personal edge that makes it unique…

twistedrossStylish And Composed

Contemporary Style

Ross DuJour - Contemporary Style

This gentleman is a man of style, not just by the way he carries himself but it truly comes from within. It’s always a pleasure discussing the essence of men’s style with him and here he’s kept it simple with a contemporary style b…

twistedrossContemporary Style

Dreaming Black And White

Ross DuJour - Dreaming Black And White

This was captured at a recent fashion show where the designer draws inspiration of the ocean and being submerged with focus on the garment becoming an exoskeleton for the subject, becoming part of who they are but protecting them in a way. A very abs…

twistedrossDreaming Black And White

One Year On

Ross DuJour - One Year On

In just one short year, / @RossDuJour has really grown and it is all because of you. Yes you, the amazing person reading this with appreciation for real personal style & elegance. Thank YOU. Really. For all of your support and f…

twistedrossOne Year On

Golden Baroque

Ross DuJour - Golden Baroque

This woman’s style caught my eye across the room and the black and gold combination carried right down to the accessories really stood out for me. It wasn’t overdone but done well. I thought of the Versace Baroque Collection cardigan…

twistedrossGolden Baroque

Who I Am

Ross DuJour - Who I Am

Upon meeting this woman I was struck with her youthfulness, creativity and energy inside. She’s works in the film industry and who she is really transcends even into her choice of clothing. I asked her about her style and she reiterated my ex…

twistedrossWho I Am

Classic Tailored Style

Ross DuJour - Classic Tailored Style

I met this gentleman one evening at an event and knew immediately he’s got it. A double breasted suit isn’t an easy suit to own as it commands a certain character but this man owned it. Black suit, black tie, crisp shirt. What really made …

twistedrossClassic Tailored Style

Our City By Night

Ross DuJour - Our City By Night

The city by night is always a difference experience and while moving between venues you tend to meet some very interesting people. This stunning woman is no exception. She’s confident about who she is and is not afraid to make an impression w…

twistedrossOur City By Night

Brunch In Style

Ross DuJour - Brunch In Style

One of my friends that I know for a long time, knows how to carry herself and possesses such a natural sense of great style and beauty. I had great brunch with her yesterday and catch up and couldn’t help but notice the compliments on her outfit a…

twistedrossBrunch In Style


Ross DuJour - Spontaneity

This womans outfit stood out for me and when talking to her and getting to know her, what came out was she loves clothing but she doesn’t plan. The outfit you see here was decided in a moment. At first I was not too convinced but she really is someo…


Outfits After Hours

Ross DuJour - Outfits After Hours

Lingerie. A word that shouldn’t be taboo. It should be understood and as with many brands producing it, it’s become part of fashion with a very specific style. I photographed this moment at a Lingerie Fashion Show and it really embodi…

twistedrossOutfits After Hours

Lingering Lingerie

Ross DuJour - Lingering Lingerie

Lingerie more so than clothing is special but it’s highly personal and can come down to so many factors, feeling, cut, size, occasion and colour to name a few. I’m no expert but can only imagine that for any women and appreciating man th…

twistedrossLingering Lingerie

Strut Your Stuff

Ross DuJour Strut Your Stuff

Different fashion shows call for different themes and attitudes on the runway. In some case Fashion shows are intense, while others can be very casual. Models are often rushed behind the scenes during shows in order to get the look out and they real…

twistedrossStrut Your Stuff

Floral Prints

Ross DuJour - Floral Prints

I spotted these floral and paisley prints at a recent fashion show and they inspired me to share. You should never be afraid of colour and expressing who you are. They really make a statement if worn correctly but how you put it together is up to you.…

twistedrossFloral Prints

White On White

Ross DuJour - White On White

Living in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring is on the way and I’ve seen more and more all white outfits worn differently. Personally with white clothing, there’s versatility but it must be kept simple. This beautiful woman pulls it of…

twistedrossWhite On White

Standing Out In Colour

Ross DuJour - Standing Out

Wearing bright colours is much like confidence. A high level of confidence can be a good indication that you can express yourself easily and you’re not concerned about others thoughts on that expression. This man is not only a gentlman but k…

twistedrossStanding Out In Colour